Author Topic: Lost my favourite recipe for Chicken Tikka Help it is on this website somewhere  (Read 3628 times)

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Lol, George I hit the "report to moderator" button.  But nice try to cover your tracks.

Reporting a post to yourself? Really? Did you also use that facility to report the troll known as Sverige when he insulted me in post #17 on the thread about the legality of bircurries? I doubt it..

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Forgive me, but what is that all about Phil?  Can't see anything wrong in the response myself.

Perhaps because the message to which it was a response, suggesting that lessons on how to use the site functionality should be mandatory for new members, or words very much to that effect, has mysteriously disappeared !  It is unfortunate that the member who made that comment and Curryhell, who made a helpful reply, both have just over 3000 posts to their credit and thus my message could appear to refer to CH's post, which it most definitely did not.

** Phil.
Cheers Phil, makes sense now.
Thought it seemed a bit harsh on CH's helpful response lol


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