Author Topic: Sous Vide Precooked Meat  (Read 5672 times)

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Sous Vide Precooked Meat
« on: February 15, 2021, 04:55 AM »
Hey all.

Noobie here. For the curries I've currently made. I've precooked chicken at 80c with spices etc for 15mins. Produces some amazing tasty chicken for my curries. I leave it in the stock.

But I also have a sous vide, and was wondering how I could be using it for pre cooked meats. I'm not sure if I could throw all the whole spices, water, meat, etc and vacuum it?

Has anyone done this before? Thanks

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Re: Sous Vide Precooked Meat
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2021, 10:43 PM »
I?ve seen posts about sous vide here somewhere.  I bought one for my missis last Christmas and using it for pre-cooked meats for my curries is definitely planned.  Had very good results with steak and pork belly with the machine.  It?s a great tool.



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