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Kebab Mahal - Nicolson Square, Edinburgh
« on: February 26, 2008, 03:15 PM »
At last, a great Madras in Edinburgh. Finally I have found myself a local (although it's a good 30 minute walk). When I went in, there was a handful of modest looking tables, more cafe like than BIR, and it was full of Indians (for me that's a good sign :D)

On my right there was a large glass display cabinet, offering all forms of Pakoras, Bhajis etc. - and even some traditional Indian sweets, such as small ping-pong sized balls that looked quite sugary. The Pakoras and Bhajis looked delicious and I could see all sorts of fresh leaves and spices in them. The samosas looked great too.

I looked at a menu. The first thing I noticed was that it was really cheap. Around a fiver for most curries with rice. Furthermore, the variety was great, with all the classics and a few really tasty sounding dishes - it was not overcomplicated however. The English on the menu was poor but this just reinforced my hope that this could be the real deal.

I bought a chicken Madras, my benchmark for a BIR. 5 minutes later and wallah. I took it home and opened the carton to my delight. Loads of bright orange oil floating on the surface and a smell to die for. Well it was delicious but I had already had a fish super that night so left half of it for the next day.

The next day I learned that my flatmate and his friend came home from the pub and
sampled it (heavily - ba*****s). They often eat curry and try many of my attempts. They too agreed that it was delicious - and actually went that following day. Check them out here


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