Author Topic: My best BIR effort yet  (Read 3617 times)

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Re: My best BIR effort yet
« Reply #10 on: January 23, 2009, 01:31 PM »
Thanks too Josh, until I can get back to the Ashoka (as I am mostly out of the country) I have been looking for this kind of experimentation to expand my Menu. I will have a go with your Madrqs soon, though constantly on the road just now. Chowie it's definitely the case that the Bunjara recipe as given to me has too much salt. I am absolutely sure the Chef will change it. He had like Josh the base simmering and added it as he needed it and does use precooked chicken for business but advised us to cook from raw as it will be much more succulent. Hope this helps and good luck. Panpot

And Thank you Panpot,

Did the Base last night and what a great tasting base that is, quite hot but the first base I think I could enjoy on it's own. I know I've read your comments about the chicken but it's just a preference/timing thing for me, I've been marinating 4.5lbs of Chicken overnight and I'm going to try the Oven method then into the freezer, will be doing the Bunjara and probably some more of that GG paste tonight. Curry night is Sunday...

Just a note on the base, wow that's allot of Onion, 6.6lbs, most I've used in a base before was 3lbs, so to my shock when I got home I only had enough onion for 1/2 scale of this base, measured it out this morning and that looks enough for 13 curries. I can taste the coconut (nice), quite well salted and I too did have stuff at the bottom of the pan whilst simmering, somebody else mentioned that somewhere. Seems great so far I have high hopes with this.

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Re: My best BIR effort yet
« Reply #11 on: February 01, 2009, 04:38 PM »
Here's a pic of this Madras from last night.

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Re: My best BIR effort yet
« Reply #12 on: February 01, 2019, 10:36 AM »
I know this thread is about a million years old but I'm intrigued by the colour of that madras. Is josh still around? I think he is. If so was that colour just a camera peculiarity or is that korma-like colour of the madras the way it actually was?
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