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Re-heating popadom
« on: May 01, 2022, 11:51 AM »
In the past, I have found that if one re-heats popadom in a warm oven (maybe 120C), they are not fully crispy on being removed but become fully crisp when they have rested at ambient for a few minutes.  Today, having a couple left over from last night's eat-in curry at the Taste of India (St Austell), I removed them from the brown paper bag in which I had brought them home, placed them on top of the bag, and put the bag on the grill tray in the top oven.  I left them to come up to temperature for maybe 20 minutes, but when I removed them I was surprised to find that they were fully crisp, and the bag shewed clear signs of having absorbed oil from them (the bag was previously unmarked).  It would therefore seem that if one can arrange to remove (absorb) any surplus oil during the re-heating process, the popadom might well be ready to eat immediately rather than having to wait for them to crisp up.
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