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Re: Forum down
« Reply #10 on: February 09, 2023, 09:43 PM »
This sounds familiar. I managed to lock myself out of the forum a while back. Changing my email address did it.  I was out for several weeks.  There are various ways to contact admin on the CRO front page, none of which work, I found.  There is even an email address for CRO.  I tried this, got an "undeliverable" reply.  Re-registering with a different username not possible either  I eventually found contact details for some members and thanks to them managed to let admin know, who sorted it out really quickly.  Looks like it is still glitchy.  Needs sorting out really.  I guess potentially this could account for why no new members have joined for a long time

We miss you livo!  Don't worry, hopefully you will be back on soon.


That's exactly what I had to do. I needed to change email addresses on over 100 online accounts after foolishly using an email domain linked to an ISP for over 20 years. Eventually cutting ties with that ISP means my family will shortly lose access to our email addresses. Boy, what a pain!

I don't know what happened but, I was not receiving authentication emails to the new address, and all attempts to re-send confirmation emails or reset passwords was taking me around in circles.  There was nothing I could find anywhere as an outsider to contact anyone inside. Luckily, I found an email from last year sent by Uncle Frank and I remembered that Phil had posted a comment on YouTube (Syed's channel).

A shout out as well to Romain who contacted me only days ago to see if the site was gone for good.  It was gone for me for at least 10 days I think.

You guys all agreed to help by getting my message through to Onions, so big thanks to all of you.

I twice attempted to create a new account using different email addresses that had never been used on CRO, and both failed.  I noticed that the last new member was nearly 8 months ago.

I also know that Rik, aka The Backyard Chef (Loveitspicy on CRO), gave up after he too was unable to get back in about 2 years ago.

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Re: Forum down
« Reply #11 on: February 10, 2023, 03:20 PM »
I changed my email address to my main one as noticed I was missing message notifications.  Kiss of death for my account.  Yes, lost count of the number of email authentification requests I made, each time it said one had been sent, but none arrived.  The enquiry form on the front page allowed me to enter text, but when I clicked to send instantly got something like, your message cannot be sent at this time.  Please contact Admin by another method.  Tried to re-register, as "Masterchef"  :smile2: No chance.  Just got the waiting for Admin approval info, which never happened.  Jerry and Phil helped me out, without them I would probably still be locked out. I wonder how many members we have actually lost.

Onions can you pass this info on to Admin please?


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Re: Forum down
« Reply #12 on: February 10, 2023, 03:41 PM »
Absolutely will, KB. If there's one worse than losing established members* it's losing members who might never have a chance of establishing themselves. Which means the forum shrinks. Which presumably means less ad revenue produced. So it's in all our interests to sort this out sharpish. Thanks for the updates, all  :like:

*If you know what I mean!


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