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Chilli Grow 2023
« on: July 31, 2023, 06:31 AM »
As I'm hoping for a better grow season this year, I've just started by planting seeds for my SuperHots. I've put in over 200 so I hope I get some good germination rates.  They are Naga Viper, 7 Pod Yellow, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Purple Naga Jolokia and a hybrid from previous years which is the Purple Naga Jolokia but with white flowers instead of purple.  The fruit are still purple but hey aren't really quite as hot.  I don't particularly like the really hot ones, but they are popular with others.

Tomorrow I'll do my Thai Birdseyes. As these are just so good for all round use and they are a really hardy plant, I'll do a full tray of 144 seeds.  After that I'll do another tray of Indian varieties and then another of Mezcla Americana.  The Americana are mixed seed varieties but some of them are really tasty, and some grow really large pods, some are really long and curly.  Some of the Indian ones grew well last time around so I've got a good variety of seeds to play with.  Very interesting and a lot of fun to grow.

Unfortunately, my Carolina Reaper didn't fruit last year but it has survived the winter so I'm going to try pruning it, feeding it and hopefully it will kick on this year.

My nose is currently stinging a bit from touching my face after removing the seeds of the last 7 Pod Yellow which was still a ripe fruit.  I always forget to take care with the really hot ones.


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