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Sambhar Masala
« on: August 07, 2023, 07:10 AM »
This is the Sambhar Masala from Parsi, by Farokh Talati. It is one of his trusted Masala recipes which he states will keep in a cupboard for 12 months.

Far be it from me to question such a distinguished chef but included amongst the dry ingredients are some wet ones, fresh garlic and oil.

Would this really keep in a cupboard for 12 months without spoiling? Would the fridge be a better option.?

There is a substantial quantity of salt in the recipe; would that go someways to acting as a preservative?

Sambhar Masala
Spicy Chilli and Garlic Masala by Farokh Talati

Where Dhansak masala brings complexity and balance, Sambhar masala brings the heat, it is just as quintessential to Parsi cooking, but it is neither quiet nor subtle. The chilli and garlic make this a deliciously versatile masala, with extra heat from the black pepper and mustard seeds and an intriguing piquancy from the fenugreek and asafoetida.

This will become your go to spice mix, ideal for more then just Parsi curries. Mixed with oil, it makes a great marinade for roast meat, fish and vegetables; or mixed with sea salt flakes it makes a spicy seasoning for all sorts of snacks-from toasted cashew nuts, popcorn and far far more.


20g of cumin seeds
20g yellow mustard seeds
40g salt
25g fenugreek seeds
3g black peppercorns
3g cloves
1 whole star anise
100g dried Kashmiri chilies
30g garlic cloves, roughly chopped
30g ground turmeric
2 g asafoetida
100ml vegetable oil


Blitz the cumin seeds, mustard seeds, salt, fenugreek seeds, peppercorns, cloves and star anise in a spice grinder or food processor to a fine powder. You may have to do this in several stages depending on the size of your grinder. Empty the powder into a bowl

Next, blitz the chilies (in stages if needs be) and empty the powder into the bowl with the rest of the spices.

Blitz the remaining ingredients together for one minute, making sure the garlic has blended in and it’s almost unnoticeable. Take the mixture finely ground spices into the food processor and blitz until everything is mixed together and become one. Store in a clean airtight jar, packing the masala down tightly to keep any air out of it. It will keep in a cupboard for 12 months.

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Re: Sambhar Masala
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Opps. Wrong thread.
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