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Balti lamb royale and other stuff
« on: September 18, 2023, 12:15 PM »
A few photos of recent efforts/prep in no particular order.  Mainly re-heats.  The Royale dishes are MDB MKI with saffron and double cream.  Giving the triple burner a spin too.

Balti chicken royale. 

Pre-cooked mutton shoulder

Balti lamb royale (supper)

Mince and spinach prep

Balti mince and spinach (supper).  Reminds me so much of the legendary Nafees of Leeds, which is why I have called it Mince and spinach, as opposed to Balti keema saag

Garlic paste and pre-cooked onion, to start

Balti madras sauce x 2 underway.  Been trying this out.  The pan is tilted forwards for high-heat cooking.  To do this (at home) the back of the pan is resting on a 2 1/2" bull dog clip, attached to the hob grate. 

Coming along nicely (and quickly)



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