Author Topic: In at least one restaurant, all lamb curries are made with lamb tikka  (Read 378 times)

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My wife and I went out for a curry recently, and returned to a restaurant where the simple, basic, chicken curry is always superb.  Fancying something different, she started looking for a suitable lamb curry, but with only a couple of exceptions, all lamb curries were listed as being made with lamb tikka.  Hoping against hope, I asked the proprietor if the two exceptions were indeed made with “real” lamb rather than lamb tikka, and was not surprised to learn that the answer was “no”.  “Our beef curries are made with topside, and not pre-cooked in the tandoor” he said, but as neither of us fancied beef, and as king prawn was twice the price of chicken, we settled for a chicken curry and a chicken dhansak.  Both were superb (as always), but what a disappointment not to be able to get a single lamb curry made with lamb rather than with lamb tikka.
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I am sure I made Beef tikka once.  Or did I?  My memory is going! :)



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