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Bhuna Chicken
« on: September 27, 2005, 01:53 PM »
Here's a simple recipe for Bhuna Chicken which was obtained at some evening classes I attended several years ago, given by a Bangladeshi lady. Well worth a try.


500g Chicken Breasts
3+3 Tbs Oil or Ghee
1 Medium Onion, chopped
3 Cloves Garlic, crushed
1" Piece Ginger, crushed
1 tsp Chilli Powder
2 tsp Ground Coriander
2 tsp Tomato Puree
1 tsp Salt
1/2 Green Pepper, chopped finely
50g Mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 tsp Garam Masala
1/2 tsp Dried Fenugreek Leaves
1 Tbs Fresh Coriander Leaves, chopped


1) Heat 3 Tbs of Oil or Ghee in a saucepan, fry Onions for about 3 or 4 minutes, then add Chicken, Garlic and Ginger and stir-fry until Chicken is light brown.

2) Add Chilli Powder, Ground Coriander, Tomato Puree, Salt and 2 Tbs Water, continue stir-frying until Oil separates from the mixture.

3) Add about 100 ml Water* and simmer for about 20 mins, or until Chicken is tender. Stirring occasionally

4) Heat remaining 3 Tbs Oil or Ghee in a frying pan and stir-fry the chopped Green Pepper for 2 mins, then add sliced Mushrooms and stir-fry for a further 2 mins.

5) Add fried Pepper and Mushroom to Chicken and cook for a further 10 mins.

6) Add Garam Masala, Dried Fenugreek and Fresh Coriander, stir-fry until quite dry.

* The amount of Water can be adjusted to suit, if the Chicken mixture is sticking to the pan during cooking time add a little more. The end result should be quite a dry Curry.

Good Luck!



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