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Hi Jerry, I could see the potential of this base but I made some mistakes and assumptions that took the edge off mine. I didn't make mine upto the correct volume (should be at least 6.5 litres +) and I think due to chef spoon measurements I overdid the g/g and spices. I did use some evaporated milk in mine.

The spice mix is good as is the curry powder. I'm sure most BIRs don't use Chinese curry powder but I guess the chefs at ifindforu's place made a lucky discovery.

I'll give this a go again soon, and think I'll adopt your way of adding extra oil to the base and reclaiming it before blending. Then I'll start my curries with the reclaimed oil. I don't see me ever using old bhaji oil.



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this volume took me by suprise. i've always promised to buy myself a stock pot but of course never have. i have 4.2L pan that i normally use and by luck have a spare. i needed both. i'll add a photo.

i would leave the evap milk out of any base - better added at dish frying.

one of the "bits" that attracted me to this base was the ginger garlic ratio. for some time now i've not used ginger at all in base (KD1 put me off). i wanted to see if it was a major player. it's very hard to tell but going forward i'm going to start using again.  like everthing in curry - too much is bad.

i've not really thought of the origin of the curry powder being Chinese - it works for me and that's enough. it's cut short  my new year resolution of recipe refinement. well pleased.

the oil is now my no1. i've realised that i don't know enough. success has been more by luck than knowledge. i made several roshney whilst i had the base and used fresh oil to cook the garlic which i normally only use rec oil. it really hit home as i ended up with a x2 fresh oil taste. the time at which it's added in the roshney does not allow it to become spiced. i know roshney is as spec veg ghee but i've not got that to work in fact it's worse than fresh oil as the frying medium. there must be more to it but it's weigh down the pecking order.

the other thing is that i like the rajver but have always felt the oil lets it down. i also know that the saffron oil is very good. not going to be easy and will take some time to crack but i feel this must now be where the difference is between that very good curry and those of the top chefs.

best wishes,

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pic of the finished base. it became very thick the next day and ended up thinning as i used it adding just less than 50% water.

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Can anyone tell me if,  6 odd years on,  this recipe is still relevant?

I know there are advancements and we learn new tricks constantly but has this one stood the test of time?

Edwina Curry

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I can't see why people it wouldn't be relevant. Looks like a good recipe to me, but I can't claim to have tried it. No reason why you shouldn't give it a go and let us know how it turns out Edwina.
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